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I have consulted for many businesses such as yours, and have a PASSION for teaching you ALL ABOUT QuickBooks -- and what it can do for YOU. Invest a few hours so that I can help you discover how QuickBooks can create solutions to make your business MORE successful and MORE organized -- at a PRACTICAL price! My seminars are designed to get you up and running so you can take advantage of all the features that QuickBooks has to offer. Learning is quick and easy. We all understand that “Time is Money” and I am here to help save you MORE time...and to earn MORE money.

I am at your service through seminars or one-on-one consultations...

New Users - Become more confident and learn to master the fundamentals to reduce frustration and to increase accuracy.

Experienced Users – Learn diverse strategies to improve your small business and maximize your productivity in managing billing, inventory, payroll, sales tax and vendor payments.

All Users – Learn to better control your finances and increase your profitability in all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, and basic office procedures. Have all your finances in order for your income taxes, business records, loans, and future investments.


Bookkeeping Basics (listed on web site)

Excel Basics

Inventory set-up in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Fundamentals (listed on web site)

QuickBooks Advanced Seminar (listed on web site)

QuickBooks Payroll Versus Outsourcing Payroll

Sales Tax Setup/Issues/Compliance within QuickBooks

Understanding your Financial Statements – Basic

Please email me: with your specific concerns and the seminars will be geared toward you and/or your company’s particular issues. With the exception of QuickBooks Fundamentals and QuickBooks Advanced Seminars (3 hour seminars), all others will be 2 hour seminars. Details coming soon on times and pricing.