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Designed for new and experienced users.


Topics to be included in this Seminar:

Setting up QuickBooks including:

• Create a Company File using the Easy Step Interview

Review of Lists and Forms:

• Vendor Lists and how to use the Vendor Center
• Customer Lists and how to use the Customer Center
• Item Lists for use in Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Sales Receipts

Working with Your Chart of Accounts Bookkeeping Basics

• Learn about assets, liabilities, equity The Balance Sheet
• Learn about your Profit & Loss Income Statement

Entering Sales Information Accounts Receivable

• Record data on Invoices and Sales Receipts using Items
• Customize customers with Job Tracking
• Create Customer Reminder Statements
• Record customer payments, discounts, overpayments, & refunds

Entering Billing Information Accounts Payable

• Enter Bills & manage unpaid bills reports
• Paying Bills either by cash, check or credit card payments

Managing Bank & Credit Card Account Transactions

• Check Writing Versus Vendor Bill Payments
• Printing Checks in QuickBooks Versus using online bill paying
• Deposits & Discrepancies and how to fix them
• How Undeposited Funds works in QuickBooks
• Manually entering bank data & credit cards Versus downloading from Banks

Leaving your Data File Backing up data

• Information is automatically saved when exiting data file
• Protecting and backing up data to removable storage