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Designed for current users of QuickBooks. It is recommended you first take QuickBooks Fundamentals if your QuickBooks experience is limited. This seminar focuses on online banking specifics. Learn how to download transactions from your Bank to QuickBooks and to enter this data in a timely manner.

QUICKBOOKS Advanced - 3 Hour Seminar


Less typing time – download from banks or credit card providers instead of entering from scratch. Keep books accurate - compares what is in bank and Quickbooks making bank reconciliation easier. Helps understand your cash flow – see what checks have cleared the bank, view current balances, add new transactions not in QuickBooks yet, transfer between all your accounts and pay vendor bills online.
Online Services in QuickBooks is Very Secure

Online banking is protected with a password given only to you, a secure internet connection and high level encryption. Online vendor bill payments are also secured in the same way and payments are sent either electronically or by paper check.
Downloads to QuickBooks - Web Connect Versus Direct Connect

Web Connect – connect through your web browser for receiving data only – visit web site to download and import in QuickBooks.
Direct Connect – Connect from QuickBooks directly without using a web browser for sending and receiving information. QuickBooks downloads data directly from financial institution’s servers and vendor payments are sent to the bank directly from QuickBooks.
2 Ways to View & Work With Your Downloaded Transactions

QuickBooks offers two online banking modes - Side by Side Mode or Register Mode.
Side by Side Mode – re-designed in 2009 & uses forms built into the online window to add or match transactions – more flexible for renaming vendors.
Register Mode – uses the Account Registers to add or match transactions – aliases match names exactly & designed in 2008.
Learn how to post debit card entries, ATM Withdrawals, checks, deposits, or credit card entries into your QuickBooks Accounts.
Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Statements

Learn how to reconcile bank and credit card accounts once data is entered into QuickBooks Accounts.
Produce monthly reconciliation reports and retain for tax compliance & record keeping.